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Šumavsky skimaraton 2018 is over
27.02.18 | Karel
First of all I have to thank volunteers, who switch comfort and warm of their homes for freezy service during both days. Thanks! You´re just amazing.

I´m so glad to announce we could support very needed work of Regional Charity Vimperk today thanks to your participation. Within our traditional charity event "Every starting number helps" we were able to give away 10.870 CZK.

There were extraordinary and friendly atmosphere before, during and after the race everywhere in the race area. I believe we all meet soon on some another event organized by Fischer Ski klub Šumava Vimperk.
  • 4.8.2018 - Šumavský MTB maraton
  • 23.-24.2.2019 - Šumavský skimaraton
    Have a nice day.
Karel Hudeček, Race director


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24.02.18 | Karel
Saturday is over. We have to congrats to all participants for their results and efforts. You were amazing! CLASSIC technique tomorrow. The weather forecast is wonderful again. We´re looking forward to you.

You can search for results here.
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Časová uzávěra
22.02.18 | Karel
Pořadatel vyhlašuje časovou uzávěru takto:
v sobotu pro trať 46 km FT - 15:00 hodin pro vjezd do druhého okruhu. Závodníci budou odkláněni do cíle.
v neděli pro trať 45 km CT - 12:30 hodin pro přejezd silnice na Filipově Huti. Závodníci budou vráceni na trať 23 km CT pro dojezd zpět do cíle závodu.
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Actual infromation - 21.2.2018
21.02.18 | Karel


The conditions are absolutely perfect! Shovels have stayed in the garage and after the years of shoveling and fighting againts the weather we´re looking forward to wonderful weekend. Therefore the race could be held on stardard courses of Šumavák thanks to enough of snow.

Saturday - there will be so-called Zhůřský loop (Kvilda, Horská Kvilda, Danielka, U Tří Jedlí, Zhůří, Horská Kvilda, Filipova Huť, Březová hora, Pod Lapkou, U Tremlů, Kvilda). Saturday´s marathon distance will be held on the same course (2 laps) with turnaround nearby the Finish line.

Saturday´s children race - each course will go towards Horská Kvilda and in the middle of the distance there will be turnaround and back to the Finish line.

Sunday - Short course (23 km CT) will take place on Saturday´s Zhůřský loop. The long course will continue to Černohorský loop from Filipova Huť (Lovčí skála, Černohorská nádrž, Modravský most, Na Ztraceném,  Ptačí nádrž, Černá hora, Prameny Vltavy, Kvilda Pod Lapkou, U Tremlů, Kvilda).

Refreshment points

There will be RP by Hotel Rankl at Horská Kvilda (14 km). For the Saturday´s marathon course, which runs the same loop twice, there will be one more RP when passing through to the second loop nearby the stadium. On Sunday the first RP is similar by Hotel Rankl on Horská Kvilda (14 km, then on Modravský most (25 km), and the last one on Prameny Vltavy (35 km).


All of the registered and paid participants will receive email with information about given race number and link to parking voucher during Thursday. Please print the voucher. You could park your car in the are of former “platoon” in the middle of Kvilda - for free. There are enough parking places. Between parking area and the Stadium there will be the track so you´ll be able to approach to the start on your skies. Parking on the road nearby Stadium is highly forbidden. Please respect it. The road needs to be leaked and any violation of this prohibition will be solved without compromise - by towing services.

Pick up of starting numbers and new registrations in Race office

Same as for last years this process takes place in municipal hall behing Šumava Inn hotel. It´s just a few steps from the parking area. The hall will be open from 3 pm to 18 pm on Friday, from 8 am ti 18 pm on Saturday and from 8 am to 11:30 am on Sunday. It´s possible to registr even for any of the event during these times. Every participant will receive envelope with starting number. In this envelope you´ll find also voucher for food and drink in the finish. Moreover you´ll get “something” from Birell and the gift from Stopa pro život - you can choose from headdress, hat or cravat. If you want to choose, ensure you´ll be faster than the others :).  

Starting numbers, transponders, time measurement

You certainly know we´re using nice jersey numbers made by Lawi company. There is non-returnable transponder glued on the jersey number. So it´s just about to dress up the jersey number and you´re ready to go! The reward for early registration and payment is the name on your number.

Timekeeping is provided by SportSoft again. There will be few splits and online result available on In heatened high capacity tent they have prepared some surprise, so be glad.

Starting order

We´ll be able to prepare so wide start thanks to great conditions. Right after the start you´ll go almost 4 km on narrow and wide track towards Horská Kvilda. So there will be a plenty of time for overtaking. Even so participants will be divided to several starting blocks based on the results of current SPŽ ranking and the results from 32nd edition of ČT Šumavský skimarathon. We will also respect the legitimate requests of the participants for the granting of the wild card for the first start block, as well as the right of the holders of the Eurolopet pass to be the worst in the second block.

Team competition.

Same as in the last years we organize traditional team competition ŠUMAVÁK TEAM on the main Sunday´s course. Easy as a pie. Just get together team up to 5 members, have the best sum of 3 times and win a keg of beer from "Šumavský pivovar Vimperk" brewery. Registration will be available in paper form in Race office.

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View of the backstage of the race
18.02.18 | Karel

Martina Mondlová - a member of the organizing committee of the Šmavský skimaraton

Please describe us your position in organizational team of ČT Šumavský skimarathon. What it takes?

Primarily I´m responsible for volunteers, helpers, checks on the course and maintenance of refreshment points - easily of those who help us during the race. At the very beginnings of preparations I ask them for the help, then I decide where they will be on the course in the cooperation with the chief of tracks. My another responsibility is to ensure food and drinks for refreshment points (fruit, biscuits, isotonic drinks, tea etc.), to ensure prizes for winners and much more. Moreover I´m available on registrations and sometimes if it´s needed I communicate with foreign skiers before the race.

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